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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Why Sales?

  Why Sales?

Choosing a career, for many of us, hasn't involved a lot of actual choosing. There are those of us that have had a passion about something from a tender age and have been able to muster it into a successful career. I think most of us felt that way about something, early on, with the expectation of doing that thing for actual money. I was going to be an astronaut, a military pilot, a classical musician, a rock star get the idea. But, the reality of the situation is, I am a selling professional. It was not my first choice, but life has a funny way of  leading us to where we need to be, to do what it is that we are good at. If we are really lucky, we like that job. It makes it much easy to go there, every day, doesn't it?

It is an interesting thing about selling as a vocational choice: I mean, really, if we stopped by a high school and did a little career-choice survey, how many young folk are really going to announce that they are going to be a  sales pro? Oddly, it doesn't sound that exciting - compared to rock star. It is only later, when those of us that did not choose something more sensible as a career choice come to the realization that the astronaut thing isn't working out, that professional selling can start to sound pretty good. We usually come to this conclusion about the time that we see a selling professional's paycheck.  "Let's see, Bob went to a community college for about a year, had no real idea what he wanted to do for a living, he is selling mid-line furniture at that store down by the mall - and he's making more money than the majority of other professionals in this town?!" That usually does it.

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